Hybrid Caravan XH15

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The freedom to experience the outdoors in comfort or to stay off-grid for a long as you want. That’s what has driven Blue Tongue’s latest innovation in hybrid caravans. Built with the versatility and off-road capability of a camper trailer, but with all the inherent comforts of a caravan, the Blue Tongue Hybrid Caravan XH15 represents complete freedom. It’ll go anywhere, keep you comfortable while you’re there, and bring you right back home again.

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Isn’t that really what camping is all about? Freedom to escape the mundane of every day; freedom to explore the places less travelled; and freedom to disconnect from all the things that stress us out. The freedom to do it in comfort or stay off-grid for a long as you want.

That is what’s driven Blue Tongue’s latest innovation in hybrid caravans. Built with the versatility and off-road ability of a camper trailer, but with all the inherent comforts of a caravan, the Hybrid Caravan XH15  is complete freedom. It’ll go anywhere, keep you comfortable while you’re there, and bring you right back out again. And again. And again.

Key to that is Blue Tongue’s common-sense design, practical features and top-quality components. This is a camper that doesn’t do flashy for the sake of being flashy, but one that understands the limits of a 15-foot long hybrid caravan living space and makes the most of every inch. It has an electrically lifting pop-top roof, fold-out extended bed and everything you need to camp self-sufficiently and fully contained for as long as you want.

It starts with the all-weather kitchen that can be used anywhere, or anytime. Set into the passenger side wall of the camper, it’s always ready. It never needs to be set up, slid out, unfolded or assembled. It’s just there, waiting. If you need to make a quick stop while barrelling west along the black-top, simply lift door and make a coffee. If it’s raining, no problem – the top-hinged door is instant shelter. If you’re boots deep in thick red-dirt and find an oasis for lunch, nothing’s more relaxed than knocking a meal together under the shade of a boab, or pandanus, or melaleuca (actually, the type of tree doesn’t matter).


As well as a tall, deep pantry and a pair of generous overhead cupboards, the kitchen features an in-built Smev, stainless steel three-burner stove and fold-out countertop. Two more large drawers under the kitchen slide on stainless runners are accessible even when the kitchen’s closed up.  The sink is plumbed with hot and cold water, and there’s LED lighting designed to eliminate any shadows around the cooking area. Forward of the kitchen is where you’ll find the caravan’s fridge slide. Nearly a meter long and more than half-a-metre wide, it easily fits the latest 95-litre Dometic CFX95 dual-zone fridge. There is everything you need and more than enough storage to eat well, wherever you end up camping.

Because the kitchen is ‘outside’ the XH15 hybrid caravan encourages outdoor living, rather than hiding away inside a sun goes after down. The roll-out awning is really easy to use and goes up or down in an instant. If you need to extend your living space, a full set of canvas walls are included and slip into place easily along sail-track runners around the van. There’s even enough light under the awning to read well past sunset, and there’s no need to go inside to grab another drink while sitting around the fire.

Whether you’re travelling as a couple or a family, storage is comprehensive throughout the XH15 hybrid caravan. 11 large drawers and two full-height cupboards surround the master bed. Another two large drawers underneath the internal sink and compartments under the bed-base gives means everything will have a place and keeping it all organised is easy.

Off Grid

Power needs will never be the reason you move on from a campsite. The Blue Tongue hybrid is fitted with three 100Ah gel batteries supplemented by a 200-watt slimline, lightweight solar panel on the roof. All the lights are energy-efficient LEDs, and there’s a generator slide at the front of the van if you want the flexibility to power anything. Even without a generator, the 2000-watt, 240-volt inverter will run a coffee machine each morning, so this isn’t a caravan you ‘rough it’ in.

Built Tough

Rough places are just where the Hybrid Caravan XH15 is destined to go. For all the comfort and convenience, this is a dedicated off-road caravan ready for anything. It’s built on a heavy-duty, galvanised steel chassis with off-road, independent coil spring suspension and dual shock absorbers each side. Blue Tongue fits 275/75 R16 mud terrain tyres, with two spares on the back. Thanks to the strong and lightweight aluminium body-frame, floor and wall panels, the whole van weighs no more than a standard steel-bodied camper trailer. It’s light enough to be taken anywhere. With a 600kg payload capacity, you can be confident in packing everything you need to camp for a long time and a good time.

Any way you look at it, the Blue Tongue XH15 is a clever, strong and capable off-road, hybrid caravan. With it in tow, you’ll have the ability to travel anywhere in Australia, making the most of the best campsites in the most remote areas. You’ll be able to camp self-contained and self-sufficiently for as long as you like, confident in the fact you’ve got everything you need to be comfortable, relaxed and well equipped, wherever you end up. That’s freedom.

Trailer specs

  • Body size 4780 x 2040W x 2140H (Closed) 2750H (Open)
  • Overall size 6450Lx 2220Wx 2365H
  • TARE weight 2100 kg
  • ATM 2700 kg
  • ALKO 3500 kg Off road coupling
  • Coil spring independent suspension
  • Heavy-duty off-road dual shock absorbers
  • Heavy-duty off-road chassis
  • Hot-dipped galvanized chassis
  • Aluminium body frame and panels
  • 4 x drop-down stabilizer legs
  • heavy-duty dual wheel jockey wheel
  • Windows with mesh blinds/block-out screens
  • Loads of internal and external storage
  • Holders for 2x jerrycans and 2x 8.5kg gas bottles
  • Slide out Generator storage 710Lx 490Wx 660H
  • 2x Rear mounted spare wheels
  • Roll out awning with enclosed walls and floor
  • Electric Pop top roof


  • 150L Water tank
  • 130L Grey water tank
  • Internal and external sink
  • Tap on draw bar
  • 1100x650w shower toilet room
  • Thetford Toilet
  • Internal exhaust fan to internal shower
  • External shower with tent


  • 200W Roof mounted Monocrystalline Cell Solar panel
  • 240V power inlet and 240V charger
  • 240V power outlets
  • 2000W inverter
  • 3x 12V Gel 100Ah deep cycle batteries
  • 3x strips of built-in LED lights
  • USB outlets


  • Adjustable height, rotatable table
  • Cushioned upholstered dining area


  • Under cover outdoor built-in kitchen with 3-burner Smev cooktop
  • Stainless steel kitchen sink with electric pumped hot and cold water
  • Kitchen light
  • Cutlery draw
  • Fridge compartment 975Lx 555Wx 650H


  • Main- Queen bed
  • Single bunks x2- 1800 x 650mm and converted lounge 1600 x 800mm

Heating and air conditioning

  • Reverse cycle under-bunk air conditioning
  • Truma Ultrarapid 240V and Gas hot water system


  • DVD Stereo system with Bluetooth/USB/AUX/iPhone connectivity
  • 24” LCD HD TV
  • Digital TV Antennae

For complete specifications download the Blue Tongue Campers Hybrid Caravan XH15 brochure.

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