King Single Swag


The swag is the traditional bedding for outdoor sleeping in Australia. Nowadays a swag is a good quality foam mattress inside a canvas cover that encloses both the bedding and sleeper. Traditionally blankets were used, but sleeping-bags are more practical, when it’s very cold.

The swag is rolled and fastened with straps. It is heavier and bulkier than a bivvy bag but is more comfortable and durable, and is perfect for car-camping and other occasions when you don’t have to carry it.

In harsh outback Australian conditions the swag’s durability comes into its own.

Features includes:

  • Three alloy pole dome design
  • 340g water-proofed canvas 1200mm water head rating
  • 450g PVC floor with 100mm turn up
  • Dual entrance (side and front)
  • Full length mesh top and both ends of swag
  • Pegs, ropes and manual included
  • Swag canvas carrybag included
  • 70mm thick HDPE mattress
  • Mattress cover constructed from waterproof polyester base fabric and soft-touch cotton top fabric
  • Heavy duty #10 zipper


Size: 210 x 90 x 80cm
Weight: 10kg
Mattress: 70mmm thick HDPE