REDARC RedVision Total Vehicle Management System


RedVision by REDARC is a Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) for the control and monitoring of multiple onboard devices from a single unit. This innovative system provides an unprecedented level of automation to recreational vehicle owners with information and control at their fingertips.

The RedVision TVMS is available as an upgrade to Blue Tongue Campers’ standard distribution circuit panel.

RedVision TVMS allows you to control devices onboard your camper trailer, such as:

  • Switching lights on and off
  • Activating water pumps
  • Turning fridges on and off
  • Monitoring water levels
  • Controlling temperatures

Used in combination with the REDARC Manager30 the TVMS enables the monitoring of power (battery) storage and consumption.


The RedVision TVMS comes equipped with an in-vehicle mounted display and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Smartphone iOS or Android app for the control and monitoring of many of the functions in your camper trailer.

The display and app provide a user-friendly interface incorporating an easy-to-understand system layout. The robust display is built to withstand Australia’s tough and varied environmental conditions, while the app brings together REDARC’s innovative expertise.

RedVision TVMS features:

  • Combines power protection, distribution, and control in one unit
  • The distribution box accepts inputs from a range of battery management components (eg REDARC Manager30, Manager15, BCDC, SBI) and monitors battery usage and charging information
  • Accepts inputs for monitoring water levels and temperatures
  • Capable of switching devices like lights on and off
  • Bluetooth connectivity to BYOD iOS and Android to the upgradeable and exclusive REDARC RedVision app


Watch the RedVision Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) video (49sec)

See the REDARC Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS) Quick Start Guide


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